Baojun has launched the 2020 530 SUV, which features a fresh design and a new six-seat version, along with a more advanced connectivity system with voice command capability. The four trims of the newest member of the Baojun 530 family are priced from RMB 77,800 to RMB 99,800.

Roomy interior with three seating options

The 2020 Baojun 530 is 4,695 millimeters long, 1,835 millimeters wide and 1,750 millimeters tall, with a wheelbase of 2,750 millimeters. Its roominess and comfort are enhanced by a panoramic sunroof.

Customers can choose from three interior layouts: 2+3, 2+2+2 or 2+3+2. It is the only SUV with the three interior options at its price.

The five-seat 2+3 layout offers a class-leading 979 millimeters of space between the first and second rows.

The six-seat 2+2+2 layout has two leather-wrapped captain seats in the second row, with a 160-millimeter aisle between the seats. The adjustable seats can be moved forward and backward 130 millimeters, allowing more space in the third row.

The seven-seat 2+3+2 layout can accommodate larger families. The second-row seats can be adjusted 140 millimeters forward and backward, and can easily be folded to make it more convenient to access the third row.

The upgraded Baojun 530’s interior is flexible. It has cargo capacity of 1,065 liters when the second row of the five-seat version and the second and third rows of the six- and seven-seat versions are folded down. This is enough room for 18 24-inch suitcases.

Powerful exterior design

The 2020 Baojun 530 infuses the nameplate’s powerful exterior design with chic styling elements. LED daytime running lights sweep from the sides to the SUV’s new mesh grille, adding to the futuristic and dynamic look. Dual-color fin-like wheel hubs with clear-cut trims enhance the side view, while silver trim adds a sporty touch to the rear.

The stylish black interior features a central control panel with an asymmetrical design that veers toward the driver. A silver outline enhances the design, adding technological simplicity. The electronic display cluster is easier to read than ever.

Advanced technology with a 10.4-inch LCD touchscreen

The 2020 Baojun 530 comes with a segment-leading 10.4-inch LCD touchscreen with a high definition of 960*1,280 dpi. Users can listen to music, make phone calls and turn the air-conditioning on and off through the touchscreen. The smooth touchscreen interface, together with tangible buttons, makes operation easy.

The advanced connectivity system includes functions such as voice command, remote control, real-time navigation and online entertainment. The seamless connection with users’ smartphones provides a brand new intelligent interactive experience. The...
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Starting at RMB 77,800 to RMB 99,800 ($11,010 to $14,124)
1.5L turbocharged engine
144 hp
108 kW