• All-new supercar to be unveiled at Geneva International Motorshow
  • Designed from a blank sheet of paper and manufactured in-house from Ginetta’s Leeds HQ to create an utterly capable supercar
  • Mid-mid engine location allows exceptional weight distribution and near LMP3 levels of aerodynamics far in excess of traditional road cars
  • Bespoke powertrain designed and manufactured in-house alongside racing division
  • Headline stats:
    • Dry weight: 1150 kilograms
    • Construction: carbon fibre monocoque with carbon fibre body
    • Engine: 600bhp+ / 700nm dry sumped NA V8
    • Gearbox: six-speed sequential paddle-shift with carbon propshaft
    • Brakes: carbon ceramic
    • Weight distribution: 49% front / 51% rear
    • Downforce: 376kg at 100mph
  • Limited to 20 units in the first production year of 2020, with 60% already sold
  • Model name, pricing and further ownership experience details to be announced at Geneva
Garforth, 27th February 2019 – Ahead of an official unveiling at the Geneva International Motorshow, Ginetta has today revealed details, imagery and video of its new creation.

Combining the precision engineering expertise gained from manufacturing race cars for a range of global race series with the company’s heritage in high-power, low-weight road cars, the new supercar is a driver-orientated yet usable package. Taking the unique Ginetta character and bloodline that goes back to road cars such as the giant-killer G10 of the 1960s and infusing technology from Ginetta’s 2019 LMP1 car, the new supercar represents a truly individual supercar offering. 

Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson commented: “Racing at the highest level has taught us that to win you have to have your overall car concept and every detail exactly right, and we’ve brought that same philosophy to our first supercar. Starting with a blank sheet of paper allowed us to create a true mid-mid engine design with an all carbon monocoque, LMP-derived aerodynamics and an in-house designed powertrain resulting in a driver-orientated package for the road.”

This optimised design with mid-mid layout required a bespoke drivetrain which was developed entirely in-house specifically for the supercar. Given the low volume of production, Ginetta weren’t compromised by having to utilise an existing chassis or drivetrain, allowing the engineers to optimise every aspect of the car. Key to the car’s performance was not just the engine position but the design of the unit itself.

The engine is an ultra compact and lightweight unit mounted much further back than conventional supercars in a central mid-mid position. This layout allowed the engineers to achieve optimal aerodynamics, a weight distribution of 49% front and 51% rear, utilise a race-derived suspension set-up t...
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Starting at $532,000
600 hp
Top speed
200 mph (321 km/h)

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