The innovated ŠKODA KODIAQ brings a series of improvements to the popular SUV, over 600,000 of which have been made at four plants in different parts of the world (the Kvasiny plant in Czechia and also in Russia, India and China). The new version wants to build on this success, offering customers state-of-the-art technologies including new engines or innovated equipment and upgraded assistance systems.

“The KODIAQ was a real game changer for us. It was the first model of our SUV campaign and opened up a completely new, rapidly growing vehicle segment. Our customers and the international trade press appreciate the KODIAQ’s brand-typical qualities, just as they do with our other models,” says ŠKODA CEO Thomas Schäfer about the KODIAQ’s important role, adding that customers like the brand’s traditional values: emotive design, excellent value-for-money, roomy interiors and excellent equipment options.

More striking and distinctive 

The new and even more emotive design will be the key distinguishing feature of the rejuvenated KODIAQ SUV. The front has been given a more upright six-sided radiator grille and new, elevated bonnet. Other details have given the KODIAQ a more off-road look, especially the new bumpers. These are framed by L-shaped panels on both sides. Other noticeable features are the wider central air intake and aluminium-coloured details.

The front lights are also new. The headlights are narrower and more dynamic-looking. Combined with the fog lights they create a new “four-eye” look on the SUV. Now the front headlights use LED technology as standard, with the option of state-of-the-art Full LED Matrix lights.

Combined with the fog lights the headlights create a new “four-eye” look on the SUV.

The rear lights with full LED technology and narrower, more chiselled looks.

The rear bumper has been given a distinctive diffusor and its design matches the front bumper. With its pronounced edges, the reworked bumper optically widens the car and gives it an even more dynamic look. That is enhanced by two other features: primarily the new spoiler at the top of the fifth door and also the redesigned lights that use LED technology and have a narrower and more chiselled shape. The C-shape of the lights layout has been retained, however.

„With the launch of the KODIAQ four years ago, we took a major step forward towards our current design language. Owing to a few subtle changes, our SUV now presents as even more emotive. The new front is crisper, and the design of the four newly arranged headlights lends the KODIAQ a unique character. The new, aluminium-effect details at the front and...
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1.5 TFSI engine
147 to 241 hp
110 kW to 180 kW kW
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