On 18th October 2018 PEUGEOT SPORT announced that it would be developing a top-performance range of electric production vehicles.Today, as a prelude to this new product line, PEUGEOT is presenting a world first at the Geneva International Motor Show - the electrifying Concept 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED.#UNBORING THE FUTURE, the assurance of a future that will be anything but boring aboard a PEUGEOT!  And because electric driving also rhymes with sheer driving pleasure, the obvious key was to develop a performance-dedicated model line.PEUGEOT SPORT engineering specialists were assigned to develop the Concept 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED, a derivative of the radical PEUGEOT 508 HYBRID sedan, delivering high performances with low emissions and providing amazing standards of performance, not yet seen so far on a PEUGEOT vehicle, combined with a sleek, athletic design. "Electrification provides a marvellous opportunity to develop new driving sensations. We are creating a "neo-performance", new energy sources, new features, new territories, new challenges… Sheer pleasure for only 49g de CO2/km! ".Jean-Philippe IMPARATO, PEUGEOT brand CEO
PEUGEOT SPORT INSIDE PEUGEOT's GT and GTi lines already provide top performance levels, as will the HYBRID andHYBRID4 in the near future. The Concept 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED goes even further. It is a prelude to the development of a new range of compelling electric vehicles.With this strategy, PEUGEOT demonstrates that electric is the source of smart neo-performance levels, uniting power and efficiency.PEUGEOT SPORT, world-renowned for its sports model design, was given the task of developing this new model line.Of course, PEUGEOT SPORT is celebrated worldwide in top-level international circles and by competition clients, notably for 908 and 3008 DKR, which were triumphant in the Le Mans 24-hour race and the Dakar rally, and their renown extends to 208 R2, 308 Racing-Cup and 308 TCR.This expertise is also noticeable on the road, as PEUGEOT SPORT also developed PEUGEOT RCZ-R (2013), 208 GTi 30th (2014) and 308 GTi by PEUGEOT SPORT (2015).For this concept vehicle, PEUGEOT SPORT drew upon the experience gained with two trailblazing electric concept cars:
  • the ultra-efficient 208 HYbrid FE (2013) recorded GTi-level performances with emissions and fuel consumption that were lower than the smallest ICE on the market at the time. Following a range of optimisations, a CO2/km score of 46g was achieved, with a performance of 0 à 100 km/h in only 8s,
  • 308 R HYbrid Concept (2015) laid claim to absolute performance levels: 500 bhp total power output, 730Nm torque and 0 to 100km/h in a mere 4 seconds.
The Concept 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED leverages these achievements but also features the latest advances in technology to provide not only efficiency but unparalleled panache!


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400 hp
Top speed
155 mph (250 km/h)
0 - 100 km/h (0 - 62 mph):
4.3 seconds seconds

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