Hyundai has unveiled the latest redesign of their midsize sedan, the Sonata, featuring a sporty exterior design and future-oriented technology. The new design boasts a fresh take on the four-door coupe and captures the essence of Hyundai's 'Sensuous Sportiness' design philosophy. The low-slung, elegant proportions, more aggressive styling, and futuristic technology make this vehicle a dynamic and progressive model.

The exterior of the Sonata features a sporty N Line-based design with a long hood, low front-end, and fastback roof line that embodies 'The Sportiness.' The seamless horizon lamp and wide-set, hidden headlamps create a dramatic lighting effect, emphasizing the vehicle's wide stance while adding a futuristic touch. The interior is a driver-centric layout that matches the sporty exterior and implements a future mobility sensibility with delicate high-tech details.

The new Sonata features a panoramic curved display for the first time in a Hyundai model, combining both the 12.3-inch driver information clusters and 12.3-inch AVN infotainment system in a modern and simple dashboard layout that emphasizes horizontal lines and an expanded sense of space. The touch-type climate control unit applied to the instrument panel boosts the high-tech vibe. The interior has undergone significant upgrades for an improved passenger experience with tasteful interior color combinations to enhance the sense of sportiness and premium character simultaneously.

The new Sonata is set to be unveiled at the Seoul Mobility Show from March 30 to April 9, 2023. The sleek redesign and advanced technology make the Sonata an exciting option for those in the market for a midsize sedan. The availability and price of the vehicle are yet to be announced.

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