Dubbed as Mercedes AMG's most potent customer sports car, the AMG GT Track Series was designed for use at club sports events and track days. Production of the GT Track Series is limited to 55 units to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Mercedes AMG motorsport department. 

Using Mercedes AMG GT Black Series as the platform for development, the new iconic model extends the GT legacy. The Track series follows the latter model's footsteps with a vehicle concept that combines GT3 and GT4 models' race track qualities. 

A 4.0 l V8 twin-turbocharged engine from the AMG GT Black Series is at the core of the GT Track Series, with Affalterbach engineers enhancing on its already incredible performance figures. For example, thanks to tailored motorsport injectors and a particular engine usage, the propulsion system with a flat crankshaft now generates 734 hp and 850 Nm of torque.

The power transfers to the rear axle via the sequential Hewland HLS 6-speed-racing drivetrain with an adjustable differential. As in all GTs, the gearbox is on the rear axle, with a carbon-fiber torque tube torque and torsion-resistant linkage to the engine. The AMG GT Track Series suspension features fully-adjustable four-way Bilstein dampers. The anti-roll bars are separately adjustable to ensure a customized fit. 

The GT Track Series' design and aerodynamics also adhere to the performance philosophy. Thanks to a unique material mix, the model's kerb weight is reduced to 1,400 kg. The carbon wing's integrated louvers on the front axle increase downforce. The front and rear sills with aspects of black visible carbon transitioning into vertical blades contribute immensely to optimized airflow around the vehicle. On their part, the sills have cooling air ducts to cool the rear brakes effectively.

The model's front is distinguished by the AMG-specific sporty grille, which optimizes airflow to the radiator. The GT Track Series' high-downforce front splitter was created exclusively for this model. It is bolstered by a reconfigured and mechanically extendable racing rear wing based on the GT Black Series aero element, improved further to increase downforce on the rear axle.

The distinctive bonnet with a massive air outlet is another direct motorsport byproduct. It directs heated air away from the engine bay and increases the overall downforce.

The GT Track Series, like the GT3 and GT4, features user-friendly and service-friendly racing electronics, and the brake components have also been race-tested. Steel brakes are standard on the GT Track Series (front axle: 390 mm/rear axle: 355 mm). The unit has a brake beam to allow the adjustments of brake balance. In the process, the carbon brake air ducts and dimensionally stable brake airlines achieve optimal heat reduction of the performance brake system.

AMG GT Track Series owners have access to a constantly developing and expanding service and support network. This includes benefits usually only available to AMG Motorsport customer teams, such as technical training before vehicle delivery.

HWA AG's motorsport experts provide technical support as AMG's development and production partner, performing services and rebuilds. 

The special edition will be available to customers in the second quarter of 2022. The AMG GT Track Series with air conditioning has a list price of € 369,000 plus VAT.

Starting at €369,000 ($405,328)
4.0 litre V8 biturbo
734 hp
72 ps
540 kW